Your party is booked. You are so busy! Let us get the party supplies for your party and you can relax.
We can do it all. Birthday cakes, balloons, goodie bags and more.
See our list below. If you don't see, just ask us - we can find it.


Goody Bags/Loot Bags (items may vary)
     $5.99  per goodie bag
     $3.99  per goodie bag if purchased with your party
Popcorn Family Size Bowl $6.50

We have lowered our Balloon Prices!
The Great Escape Balloon Bouquet $14.99
(8 great escape balloons)

22” Bubble Balloon Bouquet $24.99
Single bubble balloon with 8 latex balloons

24” Bubble Balloon Bouquet $27.99
Double Bubble Balloon with 8 latex balloons

Princess, Superhero or Toddler Balloon Bouquet $17.99
Any 18” foil balloon with 8 latex balloons

Additional $4 for highfloat per bouquet

Individual Balloon Add-Ons:
Stick Balloons $4
18” Foil Balloons $3.99
Supersize Foil Balloons $10-15
22” Bubble Balloon $6.99
24” Double Bubble Balloon $9.99
11” Latex Balloon $1.99 (50¢ extra for Highfloat)
Wristband Balloon Holder $1.00
Foil Balloon Weight $2.00

Food Add-Ons:
Fresh Hot Coffee Carafes $10
Jug of Soda Pop $6.50
Jug of Juice $9
Vegetable Platter $14
Veggies and Dip Single Serving $2.99

Other Add-Ons:
Great Escape Hats $15
Great Escape Game Cards $5 & up

Birthday Cake Add-Ons:
Birthday cake – Chocolate or Vanilla
Double Layer Cake, butter creme
34.99  -  feeds 15-20

Cup Cake Add-Ons:
Chocolate or Vanilla - $3 each

If you don't see an item you are interested in,
please ask us to find it.





Laser Tag
Air Trek
5D Simulator
Jungle Adventure Play
The Great Escape Café

Party Add-Ons



Goodie Bags