Common Reason Why Dogs Get Skin Disease

A lot of pet owners wish to have their animals to be as healthy as they can. These animals are prone to a lot of diseases that cause serious consequences. Being able to keep your pets healthy is a continuous process that needs constant attention. A pet that is healthy could make any pet owner satisfied. 

Unfortunately, diseases may be contracted by our pets; it is a reality we have to recognize. These illnesses may come from different sources, and the most common type is a skin disease. These skin diseases make our pets experience a whole host of symptoms and discomfort. Understanding these types of diseases and what we can do about them can help pet owners avoid or cure these issues.

Can this be cured?

Skin diseases are commonly cured by veterinary treatment and some medications that are commercially available. Before addressing these issues, a pet owner must be certain that the symptoms that can be observed are from a skin disease. If you are not sure, having a conversation with a veterinarian from a Statesboro vet is needed.

There are different kinds of skin problems that our pets may experience. These skin problems can be due to seasonal factors or congenital issues. One thing is certain; we have to get veterinary help to diagnose the specific skin disease and administer accurate treatment urgently. If you want to learn more about pet skin diseases and how they can be addressed, here are some causes and best ways to cure them;

Seasonal Factors

Dogs and cats are sensitive to seasonal changes. These changes may bring some problems for certain pets that have seasonal allergies. Preventing allergies for your pets is similar to how humans prevent theirs. We can have air purifiers and humidifiers to lessen the chances of getting allergies. The symptoms of allergies on pets can be as severe as raised red patches in their skin that may be very itchy. You can learn more about pet dermatology by going to

Infectious Skin Disease

There are some skin diseases that are quite contagious and require pet isolation. Sarcoptic mange or scabies may need to have your pet be in a boarding facility while treatment is ongoing to prevent other pets in the home from being infected. Being able to urgently identify these contagious diseases is a pet owner’s responsibility. Learn more about pet boarding and how it benefits sick pets by going to a vet clinic’s website.

Congenital Skin Disease

Congenital skin diseases are very rare among cats and dogs, but when they have this, it is highly complex to deal with. Epitheliogenesis imperfecta is a skin disease that may need some veterinary treatment and would require more concentrated care from pet owners.


Skin diseases on dogs and cats may have several triggers. The common factors that affect our pets’ skin could be from the seasons, infections to certain skin diseases, or congenital. When our pets have these skin diseases, it is important that we bring them to veterinary clinics to ensure that they are treated for these diseases. Some diseases can be cured with medicine, but some may need isolation in a boarding facility. Being able to make your pet well and healthy is a worthwhile endeavor.

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